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A fuel tax bond is a guarantee that fuel sellers purchase guaranteeing their payment of state taxes on the fuel purchased. 2.7.2 Each licensed particular fuel Dealer should maintain special fuel invoices, inventory data, copies of special fuel gross sales tickets and shift reports to substantiate the month-to-month report filed. He must also record the pump meter (totalizer) readings on the last day of every month for reporting gross sales month-to-month. All non-taxable special fuel gross sales have to be substantiated by a sales ticket indicating the character of the sale.

The Particular Fuel Person or Vendor License is obligatory for an individual importing, exporting or buying any special fuel in bulk, tax-free, with the intent of utilizing or promoting the fuel. Particular fuel are any fuels apart from gasoline, together with diesel fuel, fuel oil, kerosene, pure gasoline, propane, jet fuel, SVO (straight vegetable oil) and any type of liquid organic fuel, such as bio-diesel fuel. The three forms of particular fuel license are: Special Fuel Vendor, Special Fuel Consumer and Turbine Fuel Seller. The licenses make sure that the state receives the appropriate motor fuel taxes. Taxes collected are used to pay for transportation-associated construction and maintenance initiatives statewide.

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We write Motor Fuel Tax Bonds within the state of Oklahoma. 2.6.2 Special fuel placed into reefer models is tax exempt. Quickest online surety bond application course of; we approve bonds immediately.

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Vermont diesel fuel tax applies to all clear diesel. A distributor who might also act as an importer, exporter, blender, or motor fuel transporter without securing a separate license but who is subject to all other situations, requirements, and liabilities imposed on those license holders.

But Proposition 6 backers say the definition of what constitutes allowable transportation spending is simply too broad underneath the Constitution, and they have proposed a 2020 ballot measure to dedicate all fuel tax money to highway and bridge initiatives.

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There are a selection of motor fuel license classifications: Provider, Permissive Provider, Distributor, Distributor with Eligible Purchaser Status, Transporter, and Terminal Operator. This can be a problem for different companies, but not ours. Our Agency is licensed in all 50 States and might deal with all Surety Bonds.